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Master Poker - All major credit cards accepted.

The price for Master Poker is $59.95, currently with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world! For many years now we've been providing secure, confidential financial transactions through eBay's global Paypal Financial Network (you do not have to be a Paypal member), and we accept all major credit cards, direct bank drafts (eChecks), and Paypal.

There is no additional shipping charge for multiple CD orders. Before placing your order please take a quick look at the 'Additional Information' just below the BUY NOW button. 

"Master Poker is without a doubt the best computer poker simulation I have ever played. Both fun and impossible to master. Highly recommended!"--Christian B., Santa Monica, CA

"Best game we have ever purchased."--Richard S., Satellite Beach, FL

"It seems like I play this little bugger 24 hours a day. Awesome program!"--Thomas S., London, England

       *** After clicking, the checkout screen may take a moment to appear, please be patient.

All orders will typically be shipped within 1-2 days of receiving them. I know I would be impatient to get my new software and I will get yours in the mail as soon as possible. 

*** We do not normally accept cash purchases, but if this is your only option and you would like to order through the mail, paying with cash or a U.S. Money Order, click here for information on how to do so.


Additional Information

  • Master Poker is a Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Windows 10 application.
  • Master Poker is not currently designed to run natively on a MAC computer, but I have several MAC users who report it runs great with PC simulation software such as 'Parallels'.  
  • Master Poker is available only through me, as 'Computer Opponents Software'. I am the sole developer and seller of this software. In the interest of quality control in both tech support and service for my buyers I do not sell to third parties for resale of my program.
  • Master Poker has no association whatsoever with online gambling or any online gambling site. It is meant to be played on a personal computer by a single human player against one or more computer players and has no need of the Internet for any reason. It is not designed to play online for real money, or to allow multiple human players to play simultaneously.
  • Master Poker has a resolution setting compatible with most PC Netbooks, but be sure to check that your Netbook or tablet can display at least 800x600 screen resolution. If purchasing for use on a Netbook or Tablet and your device does not have a CD drive you will need access to Desktop/Notebook computer that has both a CD drive and a USB port in order to transfer the program to your Netbook or Tablet (using a thumbdrive).
  • Master Poker is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems, running seamlessly on 64 bit versions under the WOW construct. it can be found in the "C:/Program Files (x86)" directory/folder.
  • Master Poker is not a downloadable program, and there is no download option. It is shipped to you on a CD that is used to install the program directly to your personal computer. A downloadable version is not currently available and I do not have plans to make one available any time soon.
  • Master Poker is exclusively No-limit Texas Hold'em software (like most seen on TV).
  • We ship to anywhere in the world with the exception of China.
  • Many orders shipped to Canada have been taking 14-20 days for delivery, and some as long as 24 days. Canadian buyers please be patient. You are receiving the same speedy service I provide to all my buyers. Unfortunately, I can not control the post office in either country, and it seems yours may be lacking in efficiency even more than our own.
  • Return Policy: If after purchasing Master Poker you change your mind for any reason the unopened software may be returned for a full refund within (30) days of the date of purchase (minus shipping). Like any retailer of computer software (whether online or storefront) we can not accept returns of software that has been opened or had the original CD packaging altered in any manner.
  • If your original Master Poker CD is found to be factory defective it will be replaced free of charge for a period of (60) days from the date of purchase.


A few more buyer comments:

I could have shown you a much longer list, but kept it short in the interest of not chasing you away with too many flowery comments.  The truth is, I'm a little uncomfortable displaying this type of stuff, but if it will make you feel better about your purchase, well ... I guess that's a good thing. Enjoy! 

"Simple, smart, and entertaining as hell! The more I play, the more I like it. Great Job!"--Madden R., Sacramento, CA"


"I can't believe how much playing with this program has helped my game. My style has always been more "feel" than math, and this has amplified my ability to be patient and make the right play at the right time. After several hours of play with the software, I have yet to finish out of the money in a sit-and-go on Poker Stars. It's like I've turned a corner."--Dan E., Garland, TX


"It's a fine product. It keeps kicking my ass, and I consider myself a good poker player."-- Jerry M., Chickasha, OK 


"I couldn't win online to save my life. After buying (and playing the crap out of) Master Poker I'm a consistent winner in my favored online Sit and Go's. You rock!"--Chester W., Fort Collins, CO


"I bought Wilson's software both programs Pot limit with "Sidewinder Sid" and their No limit cash game, over $150.00 worth of programs to learn poker and they are junk compared to your demo even without the advance features. Thanks for such a great program, it is almost perfect."--Paul C., Las Vegas, NV


"Not only does your program exponentially surpass its peers, your customer service in incredible. I ordered it on a Thursday evening and it was in my mailbox on Monday, in Seattle! I particularly enjoy being able to set up a format that almost exactly matches a local bounty tourney I like to play in. Thanks!"--JD, Seattle, WA


"Keep me posted on any new developments. Have a game scheduled for this Friday, plan on recommending your software to everyone there. What a terrific solution for those of us who are skeptical ( to say the least ) of online poker."--Dan G., Fuquay-Varina, NC 


"I'm still loving your software and recommend it whenever I can. I find the software to be extremely realistic relative to the $1-$2 NL game I play in locally. Great Stuff!!"--Ken C., Garland, TX"


"Recently bought your Master Poker CD and would like to tell you the money was well spent. Great game! If you all come out with any other titles, please let me know."--Doug D., Saint Paul, MN


"I must say, I've been playing with your software ('game' would be a huge understatement in view of its intrinsic quality) for several months now and how could I put it? YOU... are the man, Scott! Granted, graphically it's not the game of the year, but the more I play with it, the more I come to realize the HUGE ACHIEVEMENT you have made with this software. It's REALLY hard to beat and at the same time, SO fun to play!! Congrats!""--Nicholas, France


"It's up and running and I really do enjoy it. Those computer guys are tough. An excellent learning tool ... great programming."--Daniel D., Auburn, AL


"I would not have had the nerve to go online with my poker playing, except for my interfacing with your software. I use your software to test out all the information and poker theory that I am absorbing from the books I am studying. Then I am able to go online and play with confidence. Thank you for enabling me to try my hand at a fascinating game." Bob B., PIEDMONT, SC


"I just LOVE this program!!!"-- Maya S., New York, NY


"The program is FLAT OUTRAGEOUS! You have designed an awesome tool NOT a 'game'."--Tim H., Anaheim, CA


"Thanks for putting out such a good product! Im not the poker player in the family my husband is, and he thinks Master Poker is awesome. Nice job!--Cheryl B., GLENDALE, AZ 








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